CSA Insurance

CSA Insurance

Protect your Vacation

Protect your vacation with coverage for trip cancellation, interruption or delay including:

*Sickness, injury or death of you, a family member or traveling companion

*Being directly involved in a traffic accident

*Natural disasters and more

Protect Yourself and Everyone that is Traveling With You

Protect yourself and your traveling companions for emergency expenses, including:

*Necessary medical, surgical or emergency dental care if you or a travel companion become sick or accidentally injured on your trip

*Emergency transportation to the nearest suitable medical facility

*Help to return home and more

Trip cancellation/interruption insurance is available to you to protect your vacation investment. If you wish to purchase this insurance, you may do so by adding the policy to your lease when booking the property or by adding it afterwards, provided you have not left your home to start your vacation trip. We highly recommend the purchase of the coverage for financial losses you may incur because of unforseen circumstances, illness and injuries. It even includes coverage for mandatory hurricane evacuations and closed beach. For details, please see the brochure outlining benefits, exclusions and limitations.

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