About Us

Native southerners have famously been told that they have a strong sense of place.  Holden Beach is a place that makes that strong sense so easy to achieve.  Most of the staff of Holden Beach Vacations have either grown up here or have spent years honing their skills to help you create your own sense of place and belonging while you are here. If there is one thing that we know, it is Holden Beach living! 

We pride ourselves in matching you and your family with the perfect beach home that suites your needs and expectations.   We are here to offer good advice and instruction for how to awaken all five of your senses to make your vacation one to remember.  Memories, after all, will be the part of your vacation that you will take home and enhance your life for years to come.   

Just as an enticement, let us tell you what we are "sensing" right now.  

Sight:  The magnificent blue ocean with a few frothy white caps rolling in to shore. 

Sound:  The soothing surf and laughing gulls can be heard across the island. 

Smell:  The intricate mixture of moist salt air mixed with suntan oil. 

Touch:  The soft cooling water of the low-tide pools and warm white sands. 

Taste: The flaky, white flounder plate perfected in this region. 

We experience these things every day and would like to share them with you. So come and stay, let us help, and hone your senses for lasting memories.