Owner Testimonials

“Holden Beach Vacations equals success. Twenty plus consecutive rental seasons speaks volumes about the professional care and support that we have received from Holden Beach Vacations. Every detail from cleaning to repairs has always been expertly attended to by their efficient staff or by local services. You just can’t argue with success. We could not have done it without you. Thank you, Holden Beach Vacations!”
Gail and Henry Mitchell
Martinsville VA
“I had on a Holden Beach T-shirt in Kroger’s and a lady said to me, ‘I have been going there since I was eight years old!’”
“I am convinced that Holden Beach is the true Shangri-La! Holden Beach Vacations goes out of the way to provide timely information, customer service, and hospitality to the property owners, guests, and vacationers.”
119 FAY
“Holden Beach Vacations caters to families seeking a good week of relaxation at Holden Beach.” 122CN owner, Glenn Eby
“Holden Beach Vacations offers extremely competent, friendly service. Their attention to detail for both the renter and owner is the best available on Holden Beach. I have no hesitation in highly recommending the firm for all purchase or rental needs.”
“I give Holden Beach Vacations a 5 star rating for their vacation rental program!”
“As a plus 20 year customer—what more needs to be SAID? A competent, friendly staff makes a business! I am especially impressed with how quickly you respond to our guest’s needs/concerns, if any! Helps greatly with return visits.”
“We have grown "old" together because you and your staff year after year provide expert help and service. Many thanks to all you do!”
Roger Mozingo, 183 High Point
“Holden Beach is truly a family beach…be ready to relax and get comfortable with sand in your toes!”
“Best rental company on the beach, Holden Beach Vacations has rented homes for me for over 25 years.”
333W Tommy Nance
“We really appreciate all the Holden Beach Vacations does to get our house rented. We especially like the friendly staff. Nineteen years with the same realtor says a lot- obviously, you have served us well.”
“Office staff is great to work with.”
“The best place on the beach to find the perfect vacation spot is Holden Beach Vacations.”
“I have worked directly with four local rental agencies and Holden Beach Vacations is superior in every way. They are helpful to our renters and us and operate ethically and honestly, as well as cheerfully in all situations. Highest recommendations.”
Dottie Sterling
“Your service has always been the best, but what attracts me is that it is such a pleasure to do business with you. The entire staff is second to none. Thank you!”
Franklin Teal
“Service is always so pleasant.”
“You are always prompt, knowledgeable, and joyful in service to owners as well as renters. It is such a pleasure to work with you. (And I’m one of the pickiest person’s I know.) Your integrity is unmatched and hard to find in these days and times. You treat my property as if it were your own. Thank you again.”
867W owner
“We have used Holden Beach Vacations for the past fifteen years and we are very pleased with the way they handle our rental visitors. They take care of our property, as if it was their own, and we appreciate all their efforts.”
Lou and Jordan Washburn
“Girls in office especially nice and good at keeping in touch with owners. They are hard workers. Thanks Bonnie for open communication with me.”
Jen Berk, 961W owner