Sellers Info

When the day comes that you decide to sell your current home, know that Holden Beach Realty is here to help you. We are fully experienced in placing new families in homes just like yours and we’re quite good at it. Whether this is the first time you’ve been through the home selling process or you’ve been through it before, it’s a process that takes time and a certain amount of patience. Following are some suggestions that you will find helpful.

How to Prepare Your Home

Prior to putting your home on the market there are things you’ll need to do to get your home ready. For some, it can potentially be a lot of work but it’s work that will pay off in a fast sale and at a good price.

Repairs. It’s important to repair anything that is broken or otherwise non-working in, on, or around your home. If you don’t want to repair it then throw it out.

Fresh Paint. It will be best if you paint all the walls and ceiling a neutral (off-white or beige) color whether you think they need it or not. There are companies that you can hire to come in and paint for you.

Declutter. It’s very important to declutter your home and make it look less lived in and more spacious. If you have a lot of furniture, it will make your home look smaller than it is, so we recommend you move some of it out – sell it, give it away, or store it temporarily. If you have family photos and collections around the house, they’d do best to be packed up early and moved to that storage spot. The objective of doing these things is to enable the buyer to more easily envision their selves living there while not being distracted by your things.

Curb Appeal. Keep the lawn mowed, the shrubs pruned and the flowerbeds weeded. If your siding is dirty, use a garden hose to spray the dirt off of it. Clean the windows and don’t let any toys or other items sitting out in the yard or driveway as eyesores. A nice hanging basket of flowers near the entry will do wonders to welcome a new homebuyer. First impressions are powerful.

Using a Realtor

When you use a Realtor to help sell your home putting your home in front of the hundreds of thousands of people with access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) directory of homes for sale in all price ranges. As your Realtor we will perform a Competitive Market Analysis to ascertain the market value of your home. This will be your asking price. It’s important to know that this number is reached through analysis of recent sales data of similar homes in the area. It’s important to remember if your selling price is set too high your home will not sell.

Showing Your Home

Your home will be viewed online and in print by homebuyers and other Realtors searching on behalf of their clients. Realtors will be bringing people by to see your home according to whatever arrangements you have written in the listing (Call before coming. 24 hrs. notice required. Key in box.) You are expected to vacate the home during the showing so a buyer is comfortable looking. Be sure everything is tidy before leaving.

Accepting Offers

When a buyer decides they would like to purchase your home they will make an offer that comes through on a contract. You’ll have the option to accept, deny or counter-offer. This is a critical stage in the process as you have someone that wants to buy your home. Talk it over with your family and your Realtor. Part of what makes the selling process so stressful for sellers is that they don’t know if or when another offer will come along. You need to decide what’s most important to you – money or time. Do you want to sell the house or do you want to make more money by waiting for a better offer.

Closing and Transferring Ownership

After acceptance of the offer and prior to closing on your home there will be an appraisal and home inspections done. It is important to adhere to anything you agreed to in the contract such as repairs or leaving certain items like appliances behind. You can expect the homebuyer and their Realtor to do a walk through of your home immediately prior to the closing. The sales contract will also state when you need to be moved out of the home. Often this is within 24 hours of closing or prior to. During the Closing which is held at the lenders office or an attorney’s office, ownership of your home including the keys will be transferred to the homebuyer.

If you have any questions about the home selling process that wasn’t covered here we’d be happy to meet with you to discuss it further. Please call us at 800–842–6949 at your convenience. We look forward to working with you to streamline process of selling your home.