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Brunswick County Lots & Land For Sale

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When you're thinking of purchasing land of any size, be sure to consider the lots and land for sale that we have available in Brunswick County, North Carolina. Whether you're considering developing a large parcel of land into home sites, making a long term investment or you just want a lot to build that dream home on, we have just what you need.

No matter what you're going to buy, when it comes to purchasing real estate, it's wise to do your homework first. Have a clear understanding of what you want to use the property for and then be realistic about whether any particular piece of property will meet those needs. Have you researched the various areas in Brunswick County and know where you want to be located'

Check the zoning laws to be sure you can do what you want on a piece of land you may be considering. All land isn't zoned for building homes on just as all land can't be used for agricultural purposes. It's also wise to learn what long-term plans the county may have for land use or planned road additions near the property you're considering. We have a clear understanding of the lots and land that we sell and are happy to answer any questions you may have along the way.

If you're purchasing land for long-term investment property consider its location as well as its potential resale value down the road. Do you know shares the property lines with the acreage you're considering' If not, a site like Google Maps can provide you with a wealth of information. Will future development surrounding your parcel help or hurt your investment?

When you're shopping for that dream location where you can build a new home, consider the community you will be residing in. If you're a family with children find out how far you'd need to travel for schools, doctor appts., banks and groceries, for example. When you're looking at a piece of land for sale to build a home on ask yourself if your children will have friends nearby to play with.

If the land you want to build on is in a subdivision there are probably already restrictions placed on it that you need to know before buying. Homeowner associations are usually in place to govern any home developments. These association charge monthly membership fees and set rules and regulations that control behavior and decorum in the development. Be sure to ask for a print out of the association rules before purchasing any lot in an existing development, then read it over carefully.

At Brunswickland Realty we know real estate well. Whether it's lots, land, condos or homes we are fully experience in the purchasing and selling of property. When you decide you're ready to have a discussion about our land for sale give us a call at 800-842-6949. We'll be happy to meet with you.